Saturday, July 1, 2017

land of talk @ boot and saddle

Half Waif
Land of Talk is back! Thanks to some friends I would've never checked the band out and I'm so glad I got into their music. The show was packed at Boot and Saddle. So much love in the audience at one point one of the fans shouted, "I'm so happy to be here!" But first, Half Waif! Half Waif I get to see again opening for Mitski this month. I'm excited because I really enjoyed their performance. The music reminded me of Psychic Twin a little bit who I really love. 

Liz came out and the whole place was exhilarated with boundless energy. It was so great to see Land of Talk for the first time, a lot of hardcore fans were there. Liz went off the stage and then came back for the encore, high-fiving us as she stepped back up to take her place behind the mic. She claimed she was looking forward to doing that. If you can read the upside-down set list below, bless. It was written on a napkin and someone beat me to it, otherwise it would've gone to a good friend.

girlpool @ union transfer

Dynamic duo of Girlpool
Third time's a charm seeing Girlpool. This time they played a much larger venue and had a back-up band which was an interesting addition to amplify their sound. Openers Lexie came out which was fronted by Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos and Cleo played the drums. They were selling really cute home-made merch of pins and cards. Greta was so sweet and complimented my Girlpool shirt "Before the World was Big" at the merch stand. After Lexie was Hardly Art's Ian Sweet, a band I missed my chance of seeing in September of 2016. They were pretty good! I can't get over how tiny Jillian is though! 

Cleo and Harmony sounded even tighter this evening with the back-up band. They played so many old favorites (Emily, Before the World Was Big) but most off of the new album Powerplant. After the venue myself and some friends met Jillian and Cleo, it was amazing. I purchased the first Girlpool EP along with their new album. Cleo and Harmony signed their EP for me and signed other things as well for fans. Cleo was super nice and talked with a new concert friend we made outside of the venue. It was endearing. Definitely would go see them again.

Friday, June 30, 2017

.helium / mary timony @ boot and saddle

The cutest!
When I found out that Mary Timony was coming to Philly playing Helium songs I screamed and my voice became weepy as I exclaimed "Oh my god! Mary Timony!" It is so hard to find Helium vinyl and now with the 20th anniversary, cheers for the re-issues! Since her show sold out immediately a second show was added. Going to the later show there was no opener just MT and the band. So many familiar faces in the crowd it felt like home! Many people I met through Sleater-Kinney type bands that I talked to at previous concerts. It was nice to see everyone so excited over this whole ordeal.
She shreds!

Mary Timony came out in a lace black half-sleeved blouse which was funny because I put back an identical shirt in my closet a few hours earlier but we matched with gray high-top chucks. Witnessing her play guitar up close is like nothing I could have imagined. The first time I remember watching her plug away was through Wild Flag's Sonic Sessions on Youtube. That just blew me away when she would put the pick between her teeth and started tapping away. Her reach is incredible as her hand becomes a stretched out claw hitting those chords or plugging away. I think I shot 20 second videos of all my favorite Helium songs because I knew I wouldn't hear them live again. She was super smiley and appreciative of the audience. 

After her last song she blew kisses and like a dork I motioned the Wayne's World "We're not worthy!" with both of my hands. What a night! I finally properly met S-K fan Lisa and her son was rad, he asked for the set list and got it. Here were the songs she played. Out of all the songs I was happiest to hear "Vibrations." Looking at the DC set list I didn't see that song on there and thought she wouldn't play it. I was wrong. Three summers ago I discovered Mary Timony for the first time. I feel awful coming into the fandom so late but so grateful for this show! 

nick cave @ the electric factory

Nick Cave during his opening number
Words cannot describe how unreal and life-changing this concert was. As soon as I found out Mr. Cave was coming to Philly I committed to that ticket instantaneously. For me he is the male version of PJ Harvey; dark, intense, emotional, commanding presence. The Electric Factory is not my favorite venue but whatever, I'm seeing Nick Cave for the first time! I arrived at the venue 45 minutes early to a line that wrapped around the building. To my dismay I winded up at least 100 people back and kept panicking about being so far away once inside. Luckily the majority of the people in front wanted balcony seats so my friend and I opted for along the side. Then we ended up second row to the left of the stage which was disappointing because he kept pandering to the opposite side of the stage. Dang it! Again no opening band which was wonderful and a night of 22 songs or two and a half hours of music? Yes please! When he kicked into "Anthrocene" I thought "Okay he's got a chair out...will he be seated the entire show?" That was a complete tease because he was "connecting" and out there with the audience the entire time. 

Blurry Nick Cave! We did make eye contact tho!
The goal of the evening was just to touch him and neither of us succeeded. I winded up with a blurry picture of Mr. Cave close by but my friend captured a better one. During one part of the song he sang "Can you feel my heart beating?" and the girls were aiming to touch his chest and he encouraged them, "Can you?" I mean DYING!!!! The guys were fangirling just as hard as the girls. Nick Cave is an enigma, period. I had tears, TEARS streaming down my eyes when he performed "I Need You" because it was such a beautiful song and the lighting was perfect I felt like I was not on this earth. During his last song he actually went out into the audience, stagehands feverishly roping extra yards of mic cord into the center of the Electric Factory. There goes Mr. Cave up the balcony deck and serenades not one, not two, but three women from the audience into an emotional huddle of arms on backs and twirling the one woman. Again DYING!!!! When Carrie Brownstein and Shirley Manson go off about their Nick Cave experiences just yaaasss! I get you. Excited to hear "Ship Song" "Weeping Song" and "Red Right Hand" along with the new songs too of course!

Nick Cave serenades as we fall in <3
Set list:
Jesus Alone
Higgs Boson Blues
From Her to Eternity
Jubilee Street
The Ship Song
Into My Arms
Girl in Amber
I Need You
Red Right Hand
The Mercy Seat
Distant Sky
Skeleton Tree

Nobody's Baby Now
The Weeping Song
Stagger Lee
Push the Sky Away

grayling + slingshot dakota + petal @ everybody hits

Best picture of Grayling I could get
This entry will be short and sweet. After an exhausting week I only stayed for Grayling and left after their set, not remaining for the other bands. I know! What a great line-up! Why?!?! Ironically I saw Petal and Grayling both open for Julien Baker at different shows in 2016. Liked both instantly and was thrilled they were on the same bill. Grayling is one of my new favorite bands. I think they hail from West Philly. Lexi reminds me so much of Torres and Liz Phair with her singing and guitar playing. Of course I hit up the merch table purchasing the cassette tape Everything that Burns. Please check out their bandcamp and songs. According to Lexi if you buy their merch you are supporting the band's Wawa addiction and that's not a bad thing to have.

diet cig (again!) @ philamoca

Diet Cig invites Wolfpack on stage
This is the second time I saw Diet Cig in concert. It was a benefit show for the Girls Rock Camp in Philly which I"m all about! Since I arrived at the venue right on time, the floor was already packed. So, I ventured upstairs to grab a seat by the balcony. Little did I realize I was seated next to Alex's mom and siblings! The band that kicked off was called "Wolfpack" which consisted of four young ladies that looked no older than fifth or sixth graders; one singer, one drummer, one bass player, and one guitar player. They played a few songs and covered a Best Coast song. I could tell they were excited to be there but nervous at the same time. The second band that played was Sports. I saw them at Indie Pop Prom and really enjoyed their set, swearing next time they were around I'd buy their album (I did! A rad brown and pink half moon colored vinyl!). The lead singer sported a vintage Selena shirt and the band promoted their "shitty pens" with their band name on them, that you could take one from their table. Again they told the nun joke.

Finally Alex came on and again the smiley, jumpy jelly bean of songs kicked in. At the end of the set she hopped up onto the stacked amps and kicked her leg out. I always get nervous she will fall! Anyway it was fun seeing the two again and I'm sure they will return. Always a positive ray of sunshine. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

.amanda palmer & co. @ rough trade

The enchanting Amanda Palmer
When Amanda Palmer came to Le Poisson Rouge last year there was no decision to make. I hopped on the train to NY and there I was, transported into her magical world for the first time. This was when she made an album with her father. This album is very different. She teams up brilliantly with Edward Ka-Spel of Pink Dots notoriety. What you get is a beautiful work of gothic fairy tale pieces that sound as though left behind in an abandoned house. Coming out on stage to David Bowie's Blackstar (she covers the song on a RSD release album) she looked like a glamorous princess from the 1940s, taking her spot at the keyboard. Edward Ka-Spel barefoot, donning a scarf, and 60s mod-type glasses, he has a knack for song writing and story telling with the enunciation of words in the lyrics. Last but not least the brilliant Patrick Q. Wright on strings who added much humor and lightheartedness to the evening. Kicking in to the second song of "Pulp Fiction" I was transported and fell in love with the performance of the songs live, especially that one. Some humorous moments throughout the night: the mysterious "phantom" that knocked out all of the power (Amanda's being the last instrument to work), Twin Peaks theme, and Neil Gaiman's twist on an Uber ride home. It was a memorable show as I carried out a copy of the gorgeous album and played it on heavy rotation today. Here are the songs they played...


Here are some more pictures from this evening. Sadly the lighting messed with how they turned out so here are a few of my decent shots...